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TurkishEnglish.com provides professional language services to international companies and organizations, law firms, advertising agencies and government institutions with translation services, website localization, and quality control.

Our customers ask how our team of Turkish linguists is able to deliver such high quality translation services and though the answer may not be simple (quality rarely is), we can sum it up in a single phrase - specialization.

We have no aspiration to be the world's one-stop translation company in every language, instead we focus on a single language pair: Turkish and English. We combine the latest translation technology with highly trained and experienced native-speaking Turkish translation professionals in a productive team environment. Our commitment to customer service and stringent quality control have made us a leader among professional Turkish English translation providers.

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Customer Comments


Since 2006, the team at TurkishEnglish.com has, on a monthly basis, handled all of the Turkish<>English translation projects for Arkın Publishing House, an affiliate of Arkın Group, the largest enterprise in Northern Cyprus.  We have been extremely pleased with their flawless and dependable service. We appreciate the quick service that they have provided us not only in the translation of the magazines that we publish but also for all of the company's legal documents and inter-office personal communication. We want to express our gratefulness to this team which makes the impossible a reality under even the tightest of deadlines and we heartily recommend TurkishEnglish.com to anyone who wants to work with a professional team.

-- Arkın Publications Ltd.
   Chief Editor

"I've reviewed the translation you delivered. You did a very good job. Thank you very much for your timely and professional help. I will definitely get back to you again in the future when I need help in TURKISH < > ENG."

-- Michael E. Entin



"First of all, I wanted to tell you that the layout seems perfect to me, and I wanted to thank you and your translators for this good job."

-- Jean-Philippe, 3wCommunication SARL  

"I enjoyed working with you and when we have other needs for Turkish translation, you will be the first on my list to call."

-- Chad Orr, Rennert Bilingual New York 

"This does sound nice! Many thanks indeed for translating this job and having it proofed, and also for your patience throughout!"

-- The Aktuel Translation Group

"Thank you for your prompt responses and excellent work. I would not hesitate to use your services for our future translation needs."

-- Timothy M. Holloway, Technical Services Coordinator, American SpiralWeld Pipe Co.  

"Whenever we have any job that requires a highly qualified translator, you will be the only address we consider. Thank you for your attention to detail."

-- Gülcan Acar, Director of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism’s web site project