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Translation Technology 

We get many requests regarding online translation, machine translation and automated translation. These are all terms for letting a computer translate The human eye benefits from computer assisted translationdocuments for you. There have been high hopes for automatic translation ever since computers were first designed, but time has shown that computers are not able to translate on their own. While progress has been made in languages that are similar, computerized translation is generally not feasible because real-world knowledge is required to ensure a 100% correct translation. Even with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence technology, it does not appear that computers will ever be able to compete with the human fuzzy logic processor.

So, what is Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)?

Although computers cannot replace humans when it comes to translation, they have become an essential part of the translation process.  Computers are superior to human in many respects, such as remembering large amounts of data precisely. For this reason, CAT software is used to build a database of previously translated words and phrases. The computer uses this database to remind the translator of previously translated units, thereby ensuring consistency. It is especially important when there is a team of translators working together on different parts of the same project Visit www.trados.com to learn more about itor when a project is on-going. CAT programs can also be used to create glossaries of frequently used terms. The massive databases created enable the translators to work much more efficiently and introduce an element of quality control.Visit www.metatexis.com to learn more about it

We use the latest version of Trados, widely acknowledged to be the premier translation assistance software on the market, along with MetaTexis, a powerful CAT tool that is also used by translators around the world.