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Picture of a hand with a pencil writing on lined paperHere at turkishenglish.com, we believe in the three E's -- Excellence, Excellence and Excellence again! Maybe that is why so many institutions, such as Turkcell, Finansbank, Sony and journals like Turkish Policy Quarterly have chosen to take advantage of our professional proofreading services. Our proofreaders have advanced degrees in linguistics and years of experience writing polished texts that communicate effectively. 

With English being the international language of business, the second language of more countries than any other, and the language for trade, industry, music, entertainment, sports and the Internet, it is no wonder that English proofreaders are so sought after. The demands of competition in the communication age require the utmost attention to detail. Language mistakes that result in bad copy, sloppy contracts, awkwardly phrased product manuals or second-rate unprofessional websites can and do tarnish a company's image.

Front cover of Turkish Policy Quarterly, a periodical that discusses politics in TurkeyIf your website has been translated into English or you, as a non-native speaker, have prepared journal articles, reports or advertising in English, or if you feel like grammar and style are not your strong point, we highly recommend that you consider having your work proofread by a language specialist. To see just how glaring mistakes can be, click here to see an excerpt from a foreign website . It has been marked to demonstrate how a native English speaker perceives common errors and how jarring these mistakes can be.

If you are a translator/writer whose native language is not English, then you should be keenly aware that unless you have your work looked at by a professional proofreader your mistakes or awkward phrasing could have serious repercussions for your clients in the international business community and mark you as an unprofessional, sloppy wordsmith. 

One survey found that over 65% of FOREIGN COMPANIES' web sites contained serious English language mistakes and that the company's professional image could have benefited from significant proofreading.

At turkishenglish.com we believe in uncompromising excellence. That's why so many translator/writers have chosen to take advantage of our proofreading services. We have corrected translations botched by amateurs, and have even been asked to edit texts that had already been proof-read! Get it right the first time with our first-rate editing and proof-reading skills.



These are well organized documents which have stylistic and grammatical errors, generally understandable but not professional. Our editors will correct problems with grammar, punctuation, format, and spelling.


These are documents which require a more extensive revision. Besides correction of grammatical mistakes, there is a need for limited reorganization of the text in order to clarify intent. Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the original document that highlights all of the changes.

Editing is a much more time-consuming process than basic proofreading.


These are documents that have major grammatical, organizational and stylistic flaws. Our editors actually rewrite the majority of the text using the original only as a conceptual guide.

Rewriting is a laborious task that requires constant interaction between the editor and the writer to ensure that the intent of the original document is retained.


The fee for proofreading and editing services is €/$ 20.00 per hour.

If you would like more information or would like to send us a document for editing, please contact us at translate@turkishenglish.com.